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Hanukkah, Victory Of Light Over Darkness

Hanukkah is the only holiday in the Jewish calendar that celebrates a spiritual triumph, light over darkness, as well as a heroic victory of "few against many" as the Jewish Maccabees "outnumbered and outgunned" defeated the Greek tyrant Antiochus IV colossal army. Unlike Xerxes I (Achashverosh of Purim) and Ramses II (Pharaoh of Passover) who sought out to exterminate the Israelites, Antiochus IV unleashed an attack on the Jewish faith, not the Jewish people, and outlawed the Shabbat, Brit-Milah (Circumcision) Torah (Bible) and forced the Hebrew nation of occupied israel to assimilate to the Hellenic hedonistic ways, indulging the body and neglecting the spirit.

Thus, this "holiday of lights" commemorates the Maccabees unique call of duty to bear arms and fight for their freedom of creed, thought and conscience, and to defend their outlawed faith and gain victory against all odds. Fearing only G-D almighty, the fierce Maccabees unleashed unconventional warefare in a series of brilliant attacks against the Greek monarchy. After liberating Jerusalem, the Maccabees had to rededicate the holy temple by lighting the Menorah (the temple's sacred lamp burning eternal light) However, they only had enough pure olive oil to last for just one day. The miracle that happened there and then - is what we believe to be a recurring supernatural marvel each and every year during the eight days of Hanukkah - G-D bent the rules of physics, and made one small bit of olive oil, realistically to last only one night - miraculously burned through the entire eight days it took to fetch new supply from outside the walled city.

Hanukkah miracle symbolizes how G-D's divine light shines in favor of those who choose faith and freedom over nihilism and submission. LOTAR Combat family wishes everyone a blessed Hanukkah, C'hag Sameac'h and merry Christmas.

G-D bless you and your families, and may G-D save those brave men and women, serving their communities and nation, on duty and away from their families this holiday season. Remember Everyone Downrange Stay safe, and ...stay dangerous my friends.

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