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Announcing the special edition LOTAR - VIRTUS custom KARNAFF, feat. XEROS scales & sheath and FDE ceramic blade.

KARNAFF™ (Rhino in Hebrew) is an evolutionary redesign of the trusted MilSpec SERE Knife with elite features inspired by the groundbreaking KOBRA ergonomics.
The KARNAFF™ unique design required a unique construction process, and the CPM3V super-steel was the perfect solution to building this tough, weather proof and ultra aggressive combat knife.
The advanced Hollow-Flat ground edge, combined with the impeccable ergonomical handle provide an intuitive and a firmer grip, and more natural disposition of the operator’s handling in hard use of this tactical beast.
The wide rip-tooth on the spine of the KARNAFF ensures optimum cutting/sawing surface for outdoors and tactical utility work. LOTAR Combat® Equilibrium™ Fuller provides ultimate balance between grip and blade, equally advantageous in both forward and reverse grip application.
The five-point variable jimping and SharkGillz™ on finger guard will keep the knife firm in your hand and maximize your technique and fine motor skills in micro-combat. The nextGen™ Rapideployment™ Kydex sheath, arguably, the most tactical sheath in the industry - is specifically designed to retain the knife at all times, in any angle, under extreme conditions, with no additional securing loops that may compromise instinctive deployment of blade under stress.
This MilSpec model is coated with Blackout DLC or Black Titanium Stonewashed finish and was made in limited quantity.
It is individually and masterfully crafted, and meticulously inspected for limited lifetime warranty.

Custom KARNAFF Virtus Xeros Edition

Out of Stock
    • CPM3V Super Steel Blade
    • Combined Hollow-Flat Ground Edge and RipTooth Spine
    • Partially Serrated Front Edge 
    • Feat. Equilibrium™ Fuller
    • Ceramic FDE Coating
    • All-New Hex 3.0 Hardware
    • SharkGillz™ Slip-Resistant Finger Guard
    • Variable Jimping on Blade And Grip
    • Ultra Ergonomic VIRTUS XEROS G10 Scales
    • Beveled Geometry For Ultimate Comfort
    • Overall Length: 232.5mm
    • Blade Thickness: 6mm
    • Overall Thickness: 20mm
    • Blade Length: 109mm
    • Rip Teeth Section Length: 36.5mm
    • Front Serrations Length: 45mm
    • Grip Length: 121.5mm
    • Ambidextrous Rapideployment™ Kydex XEROS Sheath
    • Universal Molle/Mount System
  • LOTAR Combat® Knives are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship with a limited lifetime guarantee. Due to the limited availablility of our custom, handmade, special edition knives, we have a no-refund policy. All sales on engraved products are final.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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