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LOTAR Combat® is proud to present the KHATOOL™ ( k'ha-tool חתול : Cat in Hebrew)

our latest and greatest disruptive combat knife, co-developed with Nir Maman, an authoritative Krav Maga expert and fellow IDF Counterterror (LOTAR לוט״ר) veteran.

Both Form & Function of the KHATOOL™ distinguished design flawlessly encapsulate the Counterterror unit spirit & mindset, and its name derived from the (bat-winged) black cat in the unit's emblem.

The cat (displayed in its fighting pose) is an animal that embodies all the attributes for effective Counterterror Warfare.

Defending - The ability to rapidly and effectively react to a hostile attack

Hunting - The ability to effectively and surgically carry out pre-emptive actions against hostile threats.

Hunting and defending require a multitude of important attributes, such as speed, agility, stealthiness, intellect and strategy/the ability to effectively and rapidly perform like a cat’s natural ability to sneak up on its prey, pounce and neutralize it - faster than the prey could react.

The KHATOOL™ indeed possesses all these attributes and capabilities much like the majestic animal it’s named after.


The distinct shape of the blade is designed like magnified scallops of aggressive serrations, it follows the outline of the bat wings of the cat in the IDF LOTAR Unit's emblem. The multi-recurve blade enables longer-edge-per-distance and optimum striking which perfectly incorporates the KRAV MAGA fundamental of simultaneous defense+attack, an effective advantage in Micro-Combat (לוחמה זעירה) and knife fighting.


The KHATOOL™ ultra ergonomic handle features low-profile finger-guard and aggressive pommel for breaching and retention. LOTAR Combat® trusty five-contact-point jimping along this 10" full-tang blade, reinforced with the ultra ergonomic G10 scales, was thoroughly designed to keep the knife firm in your hand and maximize your fine motor skills in stressful situations and adrenaline-rushed conditions.

LOTAR Combat® acclaimed Rapideployment™ sheath, was expertly designed to retain the knife at all times, in any angle, under extreme conditions, with no additional securing loops that would otherwise compromise instinctive deployment of blade under stress.


This special Nir Maman edition features 3 key improvements from the previous generation:

  1. Fully double edged blade: rip-sawtooth spine and uppercut swedge are razor sharp.
  2. Extended Finger Guard and All-New Glass breaker designed pommel, enable more secure grip and elongated the handle in half inch for optimum use with tactical gloves and/or extra large hands.
  3. All-New thumbrest-ramp, providing added safety for your grip when using this hyper-aggressive blade with its deadly rip-sawtooth spine.


The KHATOOL Gen.2 comes in BLACKOUT GHOST finish; the high-end scratch-resistant matte black DLC custom coated to perfection


The KHATOOL™ is individually machined, masterfully hand ground and crafted, and meticulously inspected for limited lifetime warranty.

Each KHATOOL™ model is issued a unique serial number and is limited to only 200 knives of this Limited Edition special model.

Once all 200 knives are spoken for - the KHATOOL™ will become discontinued and unavailable for any future reservations or custom order.
Please reachout if you've got any questions,

Thank you and have a blessed day.

KHATOOL Gen.2 | IDF Unit CT707 Custom Elite

Out of Stock
    • CPM-D2 Premium Carbon Steel
    • Multisegmental Heat-Treated to 59-61 HRC
    • Flat Ground Triple-Recurved Blade
    • Aggressive Rip-Saw Tooth Spine
    • Razor Sharp UpperCut™ Swedge
    • Blackout GHOST™ Matte DLC Finish
    • Advanced Impact-Resistant Hardware
    • Extended Slip-Resistant Finger Guard
    • Five-Contact-Point Beveled Jimping on Handle  
    • Ultra Ergonomic Custom Milled G10 Scales
    • Full-Tang Beveled Geometry For Ultimate Comfort
    • All-New Equilibrium™ Hollow Fuller
    • All-New Thumb-Rest Ramp for added safety
    • Overall Length: 10" [254mm]
    • Blade Thickness: 1/4" [6mm]
    • Overall Thickness: 3/4" [18mm]
    • Blade Length:5-1/2" [140mm]
    • Grip Length: 4-1/2" [114mm]
    • Knife Weight: 10oz [285g]
    • Sheathed Knife Weight: 375g [13oz]
    • Ambidextrous Rapideployment™ Kydex Sheath
    • Universal Mount System
  • LOTAR Combat® Knives are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship with a limited lifetime guarantee. Due to the limited availablility of our custom, handmade, special edition knives, we have a no-refund policy. All sales on engraved products are final.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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