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Limited Edition LOTAR Combat® TacHat™ Set

Our 2024 TacHat™ MilSpec Edition, featuring custom IDF patches, is meticulously engineered with HyperDurability technology applied to the crown panels. This purposeful design ensures a secure fit and optimal breathability, whether worn independently or under a helmet. Crafted from robust MilSpec materials, these specialized TacHats™ embody enduring, operational, and breathable characteristics, guaranteeing longevity in all weather conditions.

Set includes Black TacHat™ and 6 interchangeable 3D PVC patches:

  • IDF issued Olive/Black Israeli Flag Patch
  • IDF issued Stealth Israeli Flag Patch
  • IDF issued SWORDS of IRON War Flag Patch
  • LOTAR Combat® UNBREAKABLE Logo / Bow To No One Patch [Glow-in-the-dark] 
  • LOTAR Combat® GUARDIAN of ISRAEL Patriot Brown/FDE Patch
  • LOTAR Combat® GUARDIAN of ISRAEL Blackout Patch

Stand tall and represent your badass, non-apologetic attitude.
Stay dangerous, and bow to no one...

LOTAR Combat® TacHat™ and Patches Set

Choose Your TacHat™ Color:
    • TacHat™  in GHOST BLACK or DESERT FDE
    • MilSpec 3-3/4" x 2 - 1/4" Velcro Panel
    • Double Stitched Panesl with Mesh detail
    • Adjustable Double-Raw Snap Back Closure
    • Moisture-Wicking Lining
    • Operational Visor Core
    • No Top Button [squatchee] For Tactical Safety
  • At LOTAR Combat®, we stand proud behind the quality of everything we design, create and sell. We hope you’re happy with your new elite gear!  

    Apprel, patches and other wearable items hold a limited 30 day warranty.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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