LOTAR Combat® proudly presents the OREV Gen.4 (עוֹרֵב : Raven in Hebrew) WEREWOLF

The 4th generation of the groundbreaking knife co-developed in collaboration with Mike Lee Kanarek, the legendary founder of HAGANAH and an IDF Special Forces veteran and tactical knife fight expert.
Thorough research & development resulted in the unique design of the WEREWOLF MilSpec Custom Elite Edition.
The Scimitar shaped blade is redesigned with an aggressive 6mm thick CPM1D2
And, is facing forward as primery edge as opposed to the previous versions, prmoting optimum impact in slashing and cutting motion.
On the reverse side of the Scimatar is the plain straight edge with the "serrated catcher" which is designed to maximize tactical advantage when used in defensive/combative tactics.

Introducing upgraded dual finger-guard and extended pommel retention spike, five-point variable jimping along 9" full-tang blade, and, features the all-new, ultra ergonomic G10 scales, now fully symmetrical and more robust, with an all-new drain channel, keeping the knife firm in your sweaty hand and maximizes your technique and fine motor skills in micro-combat.
The all-new leading thumb groove on the top of the grip, is intended for spearing motion, and was designed as a tribute to the legendary HAGANA, PALMAC"H and ETZ"EL warriors who gave birth to the Israeli Special Forces prior to the decalartion of Israeli Independence circa 1948

The nextGen™ Rapideployment™ Kydex sheath, arguably, the most tactical sheath in the industry - is specifically designed to retain the knife at all times, in any angle, under extreme conditions, with no additional securing loops that may compromise instinctive deployment of blade under stress.

The sheath comes available with either concealed carry IWB clip and DOT Combat Clip for overt carry.

The OREV Gen.4 WEREWOLF knife comes available in 3 finished models:

  • ALATTA (Darkness in Hebrew) coated with matte Black DLC finish and black hardware.
  • ARAFEL (Fog in Hebrew) coated with Black Titanium Battleworn finished blade and hardware.
  • BARRAK (Lightining in Hebrew) coated with specialty Custom Brushed Steel finished blade and stainless steel hardware.

The WEREWOLF is made in limited quantity models, with serial number etched on blade

[ 001/100 thru 100/100 ]

OREV Gen.4 WEREWOLF is individually machined, masterfully hand ground and crafted, and meticulously inspected for limited lifetime warranty.

OREV Gen.4 WEREWOLF MilSpec Custom Elite

    • High-Carbon CPM-D2 Steel
    • Specialty Segmental Heat Treated Blade 59-60 HRC
    • Flat Ground Double Razor Edge Blade
    • All-New Scimatar design for Hyper-Aggressive Impact
    • Aggressive MicroCombat Serrations on Straight Edge
    • All-New Equilibrium™ Hollow Fuller
    • Advanced Impact-Resistant Hardware
    • All-New Ergonomic Slip-Resist. Finger Guards
    • All-New Zecure™ Spikes 
    • Five-Finger-Grip Slip-Resist. Jimping 
    • All-New Ultra Ergonomic Custom Milled G10 Scales
    • All-New Anti-Slip Anti-Sweat Darinage Channel on Grip
    • Beveled Geometry For Ultimate Comfort
    • Overall Length: 9" [228mm]
    • Blade Thickness: +15/64" [6mm]
    • Overall Thickness: 25/32" [20mm]
    • Blade Length: 4 - 1/2" [114mm]
    • Grip Length: 4 - 1/2" [114mm]
    • Knife Weight: 9oz [255g]
    • Sheathed Knife Weight: 12oz [340g]
    • Ambidextrous Rapideployment™ Kydex Sheath
    • Universal Mount System
    • IWB Concealed Carry Clip
    • OWB DOT Combat Clip
  • LOTAR Combat® Knives are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship with a limited lifetime guarantee. Due to the limited availablility of our custom, handmade, special edition knives, we have a no-refund policy. All sales on engraved products are final.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.