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NEKAMAH: The Righteous Path of Vengeance

Updated: May 30

"The Lord is a G-d of vengeance; O G-d of vengeance, shine forth!" (Psalms 94:1)

"אל נקמות ה' אל נקמות הופיע" (תהילים צ"ד:א׳)

Why would G-d almighty be described as a G-d of vengeance? And why is the term "NEKAMAH" (Vengeance/Revenge) used instead of "NAKMANOOT" (Vindictiveness) ?

The answer is because the former is righteous and essential for repairing injustice and harm caused by evil, while the latter is petty and sinful.

NEKAMAH, or righteous vengeance, is a virtue and an essential tool for restoring justice. It is the moral duty of good men to pursue and destroy the forces of evil, thereby restoring faith among the people that this is indeed a good world in which to live and thrive in peace. The message we send out is clear and unquestionable - If anyone dares cause harm, the forces of good, led by virtuous men, will pursue and destroy them and their plans—always.

The Biblical Call for Righteous Vengeance

"And Cain rose up against Abel his brother" (Genesis 4:8).

"ויקם קין אל הבל אחיו" (בראשית ד׳:ח׳)

This verse not only recounts the first biblical act of violence but also implies a deeper struggle. Cain initially attacked Abel but was overpowered. Abel, acting in self-defense, subdued Cain. But here lies the twist: Abel hesitated. Cain, cunning as ever, seized the opportunity to plead for mercy. He exploited Abel's fear of becoming a killer, saying, "Think of our mother's grief if she loses a son today." This wasn't just a plea; it was manipulation, using Abel’s own values against him. Abel, tragically, falls for it, letting Cain go—a decision that leads directly to his own murder. Abel's failure to act against Cain's evil allowed it to persist and multiply.

Our sages, Cha"zal, provided timeless wisdom:

"He who shows mercy to the cruel will ultimately be cruel to the merciful."

"מי שמרחם על האכזרים, סופו להתאכזר לרחמנים"

This isn't just about exercising judgment; it’s about ensuring that our compassion is not exploited by those who would do harm.

Terrorism is enabled, not by the enemy's strength but by our mercy. Showing misplaced compassion only allows terrorism to grow stronger. Being decisive and using violence judiciously against evil prevents terror from spreading. It also stops our conscious from listening to "Cain's manipulative pleas for mercy", which exploit our very own virtues against ourselves. By standing firm and unleashing NEKAMAH we protect the innocent and uphold justice.

Amalek: The Embodiment of Relentless Evil

"Remember what Amalek did to you" (Deuteronomy 25:17).

"זכור את אשר עשה לך עמלק" (דברים כ״ה:י״ז)

Amalek represents the relentless, unrepentant evil that preys on the weak. This command is more than a call to remember; it is a directive for action, urging us to decisively confront and eradicate such evil.

The Necessity of Righteous Vengeance

In today's world, terror and injustice are ever-present. The narrative of victim and aggressor is often manipulated to obscure the true nature of the threat. When facing such evil, we must not falter like Abel. Using force to protect the innocent is not malevolence; it is a sacred duty. Righteous vengeance, or NEKAMAH (נקמה), is about restoring balance and ensuring that justice prevails.

Violence as a Tool to Exterminate Evil

Violence, when used judiciously to combat evil, does not corrupt us. Instead, it enforces the divine justice required to maintain balance in G-d's creation. Our enemies—Nazis, terrorists like Hamas, and other agents of chaos—operate with a barbarism that demands a calculated, powerful response.

"I pursued my enemies and overtook them; I did not turn back till they were destroyed"

(Psalms 18:37).

"ארדוף אויבי ואשיגם ולא אשוב עד כלותם" (תהילים י״ח:ל״ח)

This verse embodies our commitment to carry out NEKAMAH, a necessary unleashing of force upon the barbaric evil threatening our world. Through decisive action, the victims and the good people of the free world will see the true meaning of justice and the essence of TIKUN OLAM (תיקון עולם - more about TIKUN OLAM on our next blog...)

Engage and Challenge

Now, let me ask you—what would you do if faced with a Cain? Would you hesitate, knowing what you know now? Or would you act, ensuring that evil does not get a second chance to strike? This isn't just about ancient texts; it’s about our lives today, how we govern our societies, and how we protect our nations.

In Conclusion: Unapologetic Defense and Righteous Vengeance

As guardians of Israel, the warriors of justice, we do not seek permission or validation to defend our right to live free from terror. The often-heard phrase "Israel has the right to defend itself" is not up for debate; it requires no approval.

The international community must remain steadfast and unapologetic, stopping the enablers of terrorism. NEKAMAH (נקמה) must be executed decisively, not just to eliminate the current threats but to deter any future plans against humanity. The October 7th attacks, funded by entities like Iran, underscore the need for this unwavering stance. This is our mandate: to pursue and eliminate those who seek to harm us, ensuring that terror is never enabled.

Never again.

Our Own Call to Action

Now that you know the deeper spirit of NEKAMAH, you understand that violence, when backed by truth and moral virtue, is a tool for good. Stand fearless in the face of danger, ready to unleash hell upon those who threaten peace and justice. In doing so, we restore faith in the world, proving it is the good world G-d created for us to live in.

This is our mission.

Thank you for standing united and unapologetically with our homeland during these historic times. Your unshakable support showcases your remarkable strength and fulfills your true purpose.


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Jun 01

G-D Bless you my Brother


Jereme Milner
Jereme Milner
May 30

Brilliantly written!!!

Israel will endure, & prosper


Luis Alberto
Luis Alberto
May 27

Sou brasileiro e estou com Israel. O Hamas deve ser exterminado. Que D'us proteja e fortaleça a todos vocês.


Jeff Andrews
Jeff Andrews
May 27

I will always support Israel and the Jewish people thru these times of conflict and war. Evil must be destroyed.


May 24

I stand with you, Israel I have four of your knives. I love all of them Godspeed protect Israel.

Best regards, Mark

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