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Equanimity, And How To Find Your STEELNESS.

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

שִׁ וִּ י תִ י ה' לְ נֶ גְ דִּ י תָ מִ י ד

“Shiviti Hashem Lenegdi Tamid.” [ I will place the Lord before me at all times ]

Psalms 16:8 תהילים ט״ז ח׳

We must read the word SHIVITI as referring to HISHTAVUTEquanimity.

The interpretation of this verse then becomes: If we keep G-D’s presence before us at all times, then we shall reach equanimity in life.

We will not be unsettled whether we are praised or blamed, whether we are given food fit for a king or just plain bread and water. We will not become excited when people think that we are great scholars or when they think that we are total ignorants. We shall remain in peace both when we succeed and when we fail.

Ask yourself:

“If G-D was here before me, what would I do; what issues would concern me? What actions would I have taken? How peaceful would I become?”

By following this simple "HISHTAVUT" [Equanimity] practice, you will choose mindfulness over mineness, you will become unattached instead of feeling detached, and, you will cultivate stillness, or as I call it STEELNESS, by feeling peaceful, care-free and fully conscious, no matter the constantly changing circumstances around you, and despite the rapidly shifting conditions in your daily life.

Share, comment and reach out with any questions.

Have a blessed weekend and #ShabbatShalom

Stay safe and ...stay dangerous my friends .

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