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The Roots of KHARMA in Ancient Israel

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

We've all heard of good and bad KHARMA, and that KHARMA is a bitch, but, does #KHARMA [קארמה] exist in the Judeo-Christian faith?

Originated from #Sanskrit , the word KHARMA means "ACTION" and is the universal causal law by which good or bad actions determine the future modes of an individual's existence. In my year-long research of the concept of KHARMA in Judaism, I've gained invaluable insights of how Jewish faith endorses compassion and peace, and promotes the preservation of Life as the most important value above all virtues. But what is the perspective on eradicating evil? and the right to deploy violence if necessary to safekeep the very Life we are explicitly ordered to protect?

C'HAZAL ( חז״ל Jewish sages 250 BCE - 625 CE ) had a very powerful #Aramaic proverb about the distinction of when compassion ends and violence unleashed : "TAV LEBISH LA TAAVID, UBISH LO YIMTE LAC'H" [ Do not do good to a bad person, so no evil will come upon you ] .טב לביש לא תעביד וביש לא ימטי לך" ...אל תעשה טוב לאדם רע, ורעה לא תבוא עליך"

In plain words, if you show compassion to those who do evil, by letting them go, they will continue their corrupt ways, and subsequently come back to harm you. Bad things will and must happen, say C'HAZAL, as a result of your merciful action to the wicked. Alas, KHARMA will come get you, and the bad people you have cut loose, will return evil upon you.

In a positive context, we must understand our moral obligation to eradicate evil by stopping it even at the unspeakable cost of taking life. It is our duty to distinguish between helping those in need and punishing those who do harm.

Remember Physics "Law Of Conservation Of Energy"? It states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed - only converted from one form of energy to another. Accordingly KHARMA, an indestructible energy non the less, is the action (or lack of action) we consciously choose to take with each and every test of faith ( נסיון NISAYON) in our lives, an action that will determine our next success, trial and tribulation and so forth... Making a decision becomes clearer, and arguably, easier, when we implement C'HAZAL teachings and learn to distinguish compassion from compromising safety...

Turns out, KHARMA is a bitch only if you're a bitchass (available shirt size S - 2XL ;-)

Share, comment and reach out with any questions. Have a blessed day, and happy new year! Stay safe …and stay #dangerous my friends...

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